Our Benefits

Our Benefits

GoodHire Healthcare Staffing Inc ensures that all our medical professionals are fully up to date on all required documentation specified by the State and facilities. We also offer flexible scheduling, 401K plan, premium pay, maternity leave, sick leave, and scholarship offers for students with a (3.0 plus GPA)

Scholarship conditions:

If you have been employed by GoodHire Healthcare Staffing Inc, for over one year and are fully active on payroll, covering at least forty (40) hours per week. A scholarship will be offered to your high school child or children with a (3.0 plus GPA).

Worker’s Compensation

With workers compensation you get the care and support you need if you’re hurt on the job.

Direct Deposit

We will deposit funds directly into your bank account, so you get your money as quickly as possible.

Payroll Taxes

We set up payroll tax deductions for all W-2 employees that are automatically deducted each pay period.

Professional Liability

We provide professional liability insurance to help protect against the cost of liability claims.